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Pakistan  [2008]
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I am very pleased to join this prestigious and renowned institution as Principal. Though I am graduate of Nishtar Medical College, Multan and has spend almost my entire past carrier their, yet I have close personal & professional ties with Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, Bahawalpur. My son and daughter in law has been studying here and many of my contemporary colleagues are playing an important role in the progress of QAMC.

I fully recognize that the graduates of this institution are serving all over the globe and bringing good name to the country and the institution. This makes me aware of a great challenge for all who belongs to this institution, specially me as a team leader to work hard not only to maintain present standards but to bring them to international level.
I have full confidence on my team and brilliant students of QAMC and expect an enthusiastic contribution.
My message to those who aspires to join QAMC as Undergraduate or Postgraduate students is that a cordial and highly professional learning environment awaits you. Apart from academic contribution, this institution also provides specialized Health care facilities to a vast area including Sindh, Baluchistan and almost half of Punjab. As an institution we are always striving hard to keep on improving our Health care facilities. I wish that this institution glows at the forehead of our beloved country as an icon of academic excellence and professional brilliance.

I trust that with the help of ALLAH, we will make this happen, "INSHALLAH".
Dr.Khawaja Haroon Khurshid Pasha

Quaid-e-Azam Medical College
B.V Hospital, JF Hospital & School of Nursing
   Workshop from 10th August 2015 to 13th August 2015 at DME   ............       DME's Counceling Desk Program      ............        First Year Workshops   

     Welcome to
Dr.Khawaja Haroon Khurshid Pasha as Principal of QAMC

   Workshops at DME

Principles of Antibiotic Therapy By:
Prof.Dr.Javed Iqbal

10th August 2015


   Recent Trends in Management of Diabetes Mellitus & its Complications By:
Dr.Qazi Masroor Ali &
Dr.Rao Rashad Qamar

11th August 2015


   Emotional Intelligence By:
Dr.Munir Ahmad Azhar

12th August 2015


Emerging Trends in Medical Education By:
Dr.Qazi Masroor Ali &
Dr.Rao Rashad Qamar

13th August 2015


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